Processes and Digital Products

Themag has always been at the forefront of the use of the best technical systems and applications to better perform its functions and provide the best solutions for their clients. Over the years we developed our own systems for the management of project activities, implementation, operation

portal_epbmand maintenance projects. The range of management systems covers the design, construction, digital RDO, equipment supply, Inspection and Expediting, Dam Safety at Work Equipment Receipt, Assembly, Assembly Control, Quality System, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance. The systems can be used together in a web portal, alone or in any combination, according to customer needs.

The quickest way of deployment is the use of our infrastructure with all the features already established. You can start using the system from the first day of the contract. The whole or parts


can be purchased and installed on the client’s own servers, or hosted on third-party infrastructure. In these cases there will be costs of licenses and third-party applications that integrate the Themag tools. The benefits are immediate availability, use during development, high flexibility, customization, organizational processes, procedures and document management, web access, on any device, anywhere.

Already developed Portals:

  • Executive project of Jirau, since 2009, with about 70,000 registered documents with planning features, document circulation, document verificationportal_sinop and issuance;
  • Executive Project Viracopos International Airport, with 12,000 exchanged documents and about a dozen participating companies;
  • Fortaleza Metro Executive Project;
  • Owners’ Engineering of Belo Monte Power Plant with all modules in operation, 45,000 registered document management 2000 dam safety instruments, more than 60000 Checklists, over 2000 RNC, 7000 Invoice equipment registered to date, management tens of thousands of items of electromechanical materials from the turbine rotor welding wire, about 10,000 RDO construction and assembly of various enterprises;
  • Owners’ Engineering of Sinop, with all modules in operation, as the Belo Monte Portal;
  • Jirau’s Portal, designed specifically for the Safety of Dams, 8,000 meters long, with 540 hearing instruments and 50 generating units to monitor.


Fortaleza Metro Portal


Viracopos’ Portal