Themag has several systems that can be embedded in collaborative management portals in any combination – including all simultaneously.

  1. SIBar – Dam Instrumentation System
  2. SisRDO – Daily Contruction Log System
  3. SisMat – Materials System
  4. SigMA – Environmental Management System
  5. SITun – Tunnel Instrumentation System
  6. SisOM – Operation and Maintenance System
  7. SisQual – Quality Assurance System
  8. SisSST – Labor Health and Safety System
  9. SisRod – Highway Management System
  10. DigiPAE – Digital Emergency Plan of Action


The Dam Instrumentation System (SIBar), developed by THEMAG, is designed to perform the integrated management of the instrumentation of the various structures that make up the dam of a hydroelectric plant. In this way, SIBar is able to solve the problems related to:

  • Large number of instruments;
  • Large number of instrumented structures;
  • Distribution of instruments in large areas and distant from each other;
  • Large number of readings;
  • Bulky reports, lengthy preparation, difficult to read and location of attention points.

The solution provided by SIBar translates into the following facilities:

  • The results of all the instruments are available through the Internet;
  • It can be accessed through a computer, tablet or cell phone;
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere;
  • Fast, standardized data, information and reports;
  • E-mail alert system;
  • Tables of classification of alert levels displayed directly on the Internet, by structure and by type of instrument;
  • Assessment of speed and acceleration of readings.

The main objects (products) provided by SIBar are:

  • List of Instruments Register;
  • List of Readings;
  • Synthetic report, with readings and graphs per instrument;
  • Analytical report, with additional information on rainfall, location, installation and data analysis;
  • Maps with instrument locations;
  • Library of instrumented sections;
  • List of Instrumentation Analysis;
  • List and pluviometry charts of all sites.

History: – SIBar is being successfully deployed in the Belo Monte (11,200 MW), Jirau (3,750 MW) and Sinop (400 MW) UHEs.

In addition, SIBar has the following main advantages:

  • Compliance with Law no. 12,334, of 20SET2010, which establishes the National Policy on Dam Safety;
  • Facilitates the achievement of ISO 9001 Certification of the enterprise;
  • Provides a reduction in the operational costs of instrument readings, in terms of data collection, reporting, etc;
  • Positive influence on the insurance premium negotiation, resulting in direct financial advantage.

SIBar System Presentation.

SIBar Mobile System Presentation.

SIBar Newsletter (in Portuguese)