Themag Engineering

Themag was formed in October 1961 with headquarters in São Paulo and is considered a leading Brazilian consulting firms with extensive experience in the country and abroad. Working mainly in the area of generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, is responsible for hydroelectric projects that exceed the home of 37 million KW, over 20,000 kilometers of transmission lines and 30,000 MVA of transformation. The projected volume of earth dams and rockfill exceeds 230 million cubic meters.

We have deep expertise in areas like transportation, urban planning, sanitation, environment, irrigation, mining, industrial projects, automation, oil exploration and alternative energy sources. The services provided in these various fields of activities include inventories, feasibility studies, basic and executive projects, inspection, project management, supervising and inspection of works and commissioning.

Our deep knowledge allowed us to conduct many projects, among which: Jupiá Power Plant (1400 MW), Ilha Solteira (3200 MW), Itaipu (12,600 MW), Tucuruí (7929 MW), Paulo Afonso IV (2490 MW), Água Vermelha (1380 MW), Porto Primavera (2000 MW) and Nilo Peçanha II (1250 MW), Imigrantes highway, São Paulo City Metro, the expansion of Companhia Siderurgica Paulista (Cosipa) and Brasilia Airport, among many others.Rodoanel

Usina de TucuruíSome of these plants have dams and concrete structures which are among the largest in the world. Certified ISO 9001 Quality System: 2008, registered at the World Bank and other international organizations, we conducted projects and consulting services in several countries in South America, United States, China, countries in Africa and the Middle East, as well as participated in several international competitions, which attest the important qualification of our Company internationally. Themag Engineering and Management Ltda. is headquartered in São Paulo and has branches in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

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